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Michael Penfold

Field of Expertise

Dr. Michael Penfold specializes in international business, public policy, and political economy in Latin America.

Biographical Information

Dr. Penfold obtained his Ph.D from Columbia University in 1999 and serves as an associate professor at the Center for Public Policy and Competitiveness (ISEA). He was the former executive director at the Venezuelan Investment Council (CONAPRI) from 1999 to 2003 and collaborated in an advisory role on monitoring the country’s investment climate. He has published three books and countless journals on regional competitiveness in Latin America.

Date of Visit

November 2008

Faculty/Department Sponsor

Prof. Abraham Lowenthal, School of International Relations, USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Activities at USC

Nov. 5: Gave a talk on "Does Clientelism Work?: Electoral Returns of Excludable and Non-Excludable Goods in Chavez's Misiones Programs in Venezuela"

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